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Monday, December 29, 2014

POWER BACK NEWS: Power bacK Booking is LAUNCHED!!

 Power bacK is thoroughly pleased to announce the launch of the new booking department!

This vital new department was created out of necessity for our artists and has been in development for some time.

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This service is now open to all Metal bands in the public. To learn more you can check out the booking department website at POWER BACK BOOKING OFFICIAL SITE

To all Metal fan and live music supporters, subscribe to Power bacK Booking BLOG to stay informed about Metal shows that we book near you!

If you are a band looking to get booked for gigs, you will be able to submit your material on the official website and request for booking service.

 If you are an individual looking for a booking agent position, you may also submit a employment application on the Power bacK Booking website. If you qualify, you can earn extra income following our simple processes. We will offer our agents a fair commission with all the tools, resources, and support you can use to provide a growing working and residual income.

So feel free to contact our booking department for any questions or requests you may have

We hope you are enjoying the rest of your holidays! Please stay connected especially in this new year, we will be bringing you a lot more excitement more bands, music, new departments, and more!!!


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