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Saturday, August 8, 2015

MASTABAH: "I Hate You" Album (Power bacK Records)

Mastabah (Pl) unleash their first label album release "I Hate You" via Power bacK Records. Available NOW !

Listen to the album in it's entirety on Youtube!

MP3s are available on:
 Get it now Get it now!

Also available on all other digital platforms (Amazon, Spotify, Last.fm, IHeartRadio, and many more!)

I Hate You Digipak CD is available NOW on Power bacK Store 
Get the CD now!

Stay tuned with Mastabah.. a new lineup is being developed, with Goro blasting the drums and Vnuk on lead guitar. The new vocalist/bassist and front man of Mastabah will be announced soon! They are also looking for a second guitarist.
One must understand the real concept behind the band, with an interview by Pitch Line Zine featuring founder of the band Goro,

Here is a comment by Goro about "I Hate You" taken from the interview with Pitch Line Zine
Mastabah is a band that's passionate about extreme, fast, but also heavy and atmospheric music. Our image is strictly connected with the music we make, and which we treat very seriously. Atmosphere of 'I Hate You' was to be brutal, but also raw, soaked with evil, possession. I think we succeeded in making it this way and I wouldn't change anything about this album.
-Goro-MASTABAH (Pitch Line Zine)
This interview is definitely a must read, learn a lot more about Mastabah from the words of the founder and drummer Goro.

The lineup is finally coming together for the band, this means many devastating gigs are coming to Europe, and Mastabah will be making a huge come back in their local area and surrounding countries. Also hoping to achieve a U.S tour in 2017

Coming next "PURITY" album by Mastabah will be released via Power bacK Records in February!
CDs will be available in very limited numbers at Power bacK Store!


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