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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

POWER BACK NEWS: New Artists in 2015 and More!

Power bacK Productions has been seeking Metal artists for the Power bacK Records Heavy Metal 2015 roster.

 Since the date of the announcement, we are overwhelmingly excited about the abundance of submissions we have received. We have been very busy focusing on reviewing all submissions and putting each band into consideration for our roster. Since we are able to take on only a certain number of artists, choices are going to be a little difficult to make (we have been hearing very amazing music!), but the remaining artists who do not make it to our 2015 roster will be considered for the next term. The A&R department will contact all artists to let them know about the status of their submission as soon as decisions have been made. We are still expecting more submissions. It is an open submission, so the number of submissions are unlimited until the deadline hits on November 17th, 2014. So obtain your chance to take your band to the next level as a business in the music industry.
CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR DEMO NOW Power bacK is a worldwide record label, and we are very happy to see submissions from various parts of the world including regions like South America, the Middle East, and some parts of Europe. Additionally, we did receive many submissions from different parts of the United States. The types of Metal genres we have received bring so many new tastes, some have a style that has never been heard before, and extremely unique! So hold on to your Metal hats, a lot of new things are in store for you hungry listeners. Speaking of being "hungry", Thanksgiving is coming!! Let's welcome the holidays!
Moving on, we've got more goodies coming up that we can't help but tell you about...We would like to mention our upcoming project Power bacK Models. We will bring a model directory which we will soon be accepting submissions for as well. We will bring models to Power bacK for purposes of promotion, band artwork, music videos, merch, and more!
Finally, to close this entry we would like to remind everyone about our microphone giveaway, we are still waiting to give away this beautiful SM58 to one of our lucky fans/artists. Check out how to participate to win


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