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Saturday, August 15, 2015

SHRAP: No Hope No Mercy (Music Video)

Watch "No Hope No Mercy" Official Music Video by SHRAP- Newest band signed with Power bacK Productions!

Shrap is a  highly energetic Heavy Metal band with Thrash music influences that will make you want to move and bang your head! You must see and hear their wonderful performance of "No Hope No Mercy" in their new official music video LISTEN NOW  on the Power bacK Productions channel!
We thank everyone for supporting, and credits to the drummer of Shrap (as well as head of 'Who is Playing?') Dipanjan Dey who worked hard in creating this video!
Shrap has been expanding all over the country of India in the past 3 years it has been alive.. to find out more about the history of Shrap, read their biography here!

They are also proudly endorsed by Bugera, Shure, ESP, Amptweaker, Bronz, Nux, Sennheiser and Railhammer!

Watch "No Hope No Mercy" official music video now!

Their balls out sound and solid thrash grooves have a wonderfully primitive vibe to them that is easy to dig in to and endlessly charming. Straightforward and ready to go for the throat, Shrap know what it means to craft a great thrash song.
-A review from Two Guys Metal! Read Entire Article.


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