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Monday, April 4, 2016

POWER BACK NEWS: Launching Power bacK Radio, LOUDER than ever!

Click to listen to Power bacK Radio!
Click to listen to Power bacK Radio now!
      Power bacK is now LOUDER than ever before! Bringing you the heaviest quality of Metal! Today we are announcing the first Power bacK Radio show in history!

There has been many talks of Power bacK hosting it's own radio show, which took a lot of researching for resources and planning out all the elements it takes to host a successful radio show to reach the ears of WORLDWIDE listeners and a quality team that can responsibly deliver. Nygyl bryyN the CEO of Power bacK finally decided to take the step to officially become a part of this big family and use their great knowledge and experience to help make this happen!

Today is the day Power bacK Productions reveals what's been in the works ! We are announcing the first official launch of Power bacK Radio with the morning "WAKE N BAKE" show. We will be ON AIR on the morning of April 20th, 2016 for an early smoke session and some killer loud & heavy tunes. You can now find Power bacK Radio and like the page on Facebook and twitter @powerbackradio to stay in tune with our schedules and announcements!

Power bacK Productions has come a long way in 2016. A great growth is hitting our way in Power bacK Booking department. Successful tours, and tons of shows happening this year hosted by our booking department. Power bacK Models is growing and building awareness with more Metal girls coming to support and promote the Metal scene in their local areas!

In Power bacK Productions we are approaching our goals in expanding our reach WORLDWIDE as much as possible, we are also opening a separate department in every country and language possible to support every Metalhead on the planet with some great Metal music to listen to!

This year Power bacK is getting recognized more than ever, and now we would like to speak to our supporters, now you are our listeners. We will have some fun shows, giveaways, interviews, podcasts, and more coming your way from Power bacK Radio!

Now you know, we have always been here, but we have been working on some great things!




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