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Sunday, February 14, 2016

SHRAP: New Single "Ready To Die" OUT NOW!

"READY TO DIE" Single is out now! Get your free download it is only for a very limited time!

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  Ready to Die Single is officially released on February 14th, 2016. First of all, we chose this day as a gift of love for all the fans on Valentines Day, we love you Shrapheads! Additionally, we decided it is a perfect day to release "Ready To Die" due to the concept of the song relating to the bloody history behind St. Valentine's Day.
  For those of you who may have not heard of the history of Valentines day, it goes back to the Ancient Roman Empire in the 3rd century A.D. during a time of turmoil. The Emperor Claudius, wanted to make his army larger, so he decided to ban marriage.  Claudius he believed that unmarried soldiers would fight stronger in battle, and his number of soldiers would increase since they wont be taking care of wife and children.
  Valentine was a priest who started secretly marrying couples, because he believed marriage to be a God-given sacrament. When Valentine was caught in the act of a crime, he was imprisoned. It is said that he wrote notes to a lady on the other side of the prison bars, and signed his name  as"Love, your Valentine" before the day he was sentenced to death by hanging.

  "Ready To Die" is intriguingly similar to the story of Valentine in this concept. The song refers to times in ancient India, and the culture of marriage in the archaic days. The system of marriage in India was arranged between a very young girl starting at around the age of 12, and were married to an older man who could be up to 50 years old. Neither the man or woman are asked for consent in arranged marriages, so on the wedding ceremony, they would not know who their eternal life partner would be. On the day of the wedding ceremony, the bride was carried by men on a Palki from her family's house to the groom's, the Palki is the legendary vehicle in of ancient India, carried by men who sing Palki songs to stay in constant motion, and comfort the bride.  Hence the young bride's perspective of "Ready To Die"
"You stand, don't be shy, 'cause I wont take your bride, killing the system we're ready to die."
The song also incorporates traditional Indian instruments, delivering a tribal feel, and a classic Bengali sound.
Finally, there is some talk of the upcoming brand new full length album from Shrap, which will begin the recording process in March!

Also on this day, Shrap is playing live at "Highland Park" in Kolkata, India.

Check the following for more upcoming dates for Shrap live in Kolkata, India!

We are also proud to celebrate the 100th gig of the year for Shrap, they have come a long way this year with great progress, and conquered their country with as many show as they can score!

If you have not seen it yet, Shrap's latest music video "No Hope No Mercy" is on Youtube, check out this highly energetic groovy/thrash song, a big Shrap hit from 2015!



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