Knocturnal Maddness (Self Titled)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

POWER BACK NEWS: Knocturnal Maddness and Dark Desolation join the family!

Many adjustments have been made to the Power
bacK Records roster, the elite roster contains the maximum number of 10 hard working bands, in October of 2014 we started with 10 bands, after some evaluations many changes have been made to the roster lineup to build value and quality of the roster's high expectations.

We present to you Knocturnal Maddness of Houston Texas!

At first, the band came to us requesting for service in our booking department. Knocturnal Maddness of Houston, Texas was already interested in getting signed in addition to their booking needs. Their addicting music, professional and fun stage presence immediately drew our attention, and they have  been making a lot of noise in Houston for years. After getting to know them better we were sold by their dedication of almost 2 decades of hard work in their local scene. Knocturnal Maddness will begin playing shows outside of their home state for the first time in California around this fall, stay tuned for the tour dates, and new music!

Listen to a sample of their music:

Also meet Dark Desolation of Bangalore, India.

 The Black Metal band approached Power bacK Records looking for a supportive label who will take their already succeeding career to the next level! Already, the band had won the Global Metal Apocalypse Award as the best Asian Breakthrough Metal band of 2014, and endorsed by companies such as B.C Rich, Soultone, Blackstar, Railhammer, and many more! Previously, the band was with the Swedish label Salute Records, who encouraged them to step up in their new path, and we were honored by their support.
Dark Desolation has a lot in store, and they always want to surprise their fans and listeners with new blasphemous and horrific tunes!
Listen to their tribute track of Marduk's "Souls For Belial" with guest appearances!



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